Imagine a downtown Dayton that is bustling with people of all ages and backgrounds, coming together to experience free concerts under the stars and celebrating a shared sense of community. Levitt Pavilion Dayton will be the anchor destination that infuses new energy into the downtown core, strengthening the social fabric of our city and driving further investment and redevelopment.

Other cities with Levitt venues have experienced a rise in new restaurants, cafes, shops and other business activity in the areas surrounding the music pavilion due to the tens of thousands of people (some venues report season attendance exceeding 100,000) who come for the free concerts. When the Levitt concerts aren’t in season, the venue is available for use by non-profits and other community groups for events and celebrations, further driving people to the area from throughout the metropolitan region.

Equally important is the heightened sense of community pride generated by a Levitt Pavilion—because the concerts are free, everyone is welcome to experience high caliber performing arts in a beautiful public space, open to all.

"I wanted to be involved in the continued rebirth and revitalization of downtown Dayton, Ohio. The central city should be seen by the citizens of the Miami Valley as the destination we seek out to enrich our life experiences, network with a diversity of people, and celebrate our common heritage. I was excited to have been asked to be part of this group of visionary community servants who will help make this dream a reality for Dayton. As a community, our collective love of the performing arts and eclectic musical styles will be showcased in the heart of the Miami Valley for generations to come at the Levitt Pavilion."

—Gary Lewis LeRoy, M.D., Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Admissions, Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine