There is no denying downtown Dayton has momentum.  By leveraging our city's assets and "get it done" mentality we are transforming downtown into a reenvisioned, vibrant, thriving urban core.

Located on South Main Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets in downtown Dayton, Dave Hall Plaza was dedicated in 1971 to commemorate Dayton Mayor Dave Hall. In its initial years, Dave Hall Plaza was used as a site for several annual outdoor concerts during the summer months. But in recent years, the park has suffered from a lack of consistent programming and general neglect. The park’s design, with its earthen mounds, prohibits clear sight lines to the street, thereby discouraging people’s use of the site and raising safety concerns. What was once conceived as a central gathering place for the city has instead become a forlorn site with little to no activity—a missed opportunity for all Daytonians.

That’s where Levitt Pavilion Dayton comes in. With its new design concept and site overhaul to accommodate the Levitt music venue, Dave Hall Plaza will be transformed into an urban oasis with a new lease on life. In addition to becoming a beloved citywide destination for the 50 free concerts every year, Levitt Pavilion Dayton will host other citywide events, festivals, school programs, and community activities, and Dave Hall Plaza will once again become a destination for all Daytonians to come together and celebrate their community.

The time is ripe for renewed investment in downtown Dayton. Many of the beautiful, early 20th-century commercial buildings that surround Dave Hall Plaza have become vacant. These buildings represent a great 21st century opportunity as mixed-use properties that will attract residents and visitors to “The Nine” as a new 18-hour a day neighborhood, transforming downtown into an exciting place to frequent, live and work. With its easy access to public transit and bike paths, The Nine will become a destination for all Daytonians to enjoy.

"While there are many urban development projects in the works for our city, I feel that Levitt Dayton is the only one that has the power to reconnect and energize the soul of Dayton. I have always been a believer in the power of the arts to define the character of communities and this pavilion will be a catalyst for taking our city into a bright and inclusive future.”

—Rodney Veal, Independent Choreographer and Interdisciplinary Artist